Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM)

Everyone can do something. They just need to know how.

1,519 children

were in foster care in Tulare County in 2020.

But only 50%

of foster families continue after the 1st year.

 It takes faith, time, money, and emotion to prioritize these at-risk kids and their families. Everyone can do something. FAMs answer the question: How?

What is a Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM)?

A church ministry that cares for vulnerable children and families, especially those impacted by foster care and adoption. 

Lots of people want to help, FAMs provide a plan and structure to:

  • Prevent children from entering foster care

  • Intervene when foster care or adoption is a necessity

  • Connect children with families for a lifetime

FAM Flow Chart.png

Reaching Higher will guide your church to empower volunteers, to support families, who love kids to ensure every child has a home.

How does my church build a FAM?

Reaching Higher will support you every step of the way, but here is a high level overview of what to expect:

Step 1: Identify Church Advocate(s)

This person will serve as the leader of your FAM. We recommend either 1 church staff or at least 2 passionate and dedicated volunteers.

Step 2: Attend Training

The Church Advocate(s) will learn step-by-step how to build, lead, and sustain a FAM. 

Part 1: Intro to FAMs

Advocates start by watching an 8 minute video that lays the foundation and helps you decide if your church is ready to take the next step.

Part 2: Attend FAM Clinic

The FAM Clinic is hosted by our training partner, Promise686. Reaching Higher will meet with you before and after the clinic to help you develop a Ministry Action Plan (MAP).


The FAM Clinic is two parts: First, Advocates will complete an online self-paced 2 hour course. Then, Advocates attend a 4 hour LIVE webinar. Check below for upcoming clinic dates.

FAM Tool Box.png

Step 3: Engage your Congregation
Utilize a variety of tools to engage your congregation in intervention, prevention and connection. You will learn about these tools at the FAM Clinic, including:

  • Prayer

  • CarePortal Meet real-time, physical needs of local families

  • Care Communities Wraparound support for foster or adoptive families

  • Service Projects

  • Awareness Events

  • Recruiting new Foster and Adoptive Families

  • And more!